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This page is dedicated to mods created for the Kerbal Space Program by Squad.

Base Game Mods

These mods require the latest version of Kerbal Space Program.


Space camping and geoscience

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Build bases that can be easily packed up and transported elsewhere
  • Build permanent installations out of Konkrete
  • Includes Buffalo mod
  • Requires Kerbal Inventory System and Kerbal Attachment System


Modular Space Exploration Vehicle

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Inspired by NASA’s Multi Modular Space Exploration Vehicle
  • Includes parts to make rovers, spacecraft, aircraft, and submarines

Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.)

Build early space stations in KSP

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Inspired by the U.S. Air Force’s Manned Orbital Laboratory concept
  • Includes station modules that can be converted into fuel tanks, 1.875m “Titan” launch vehicle parts, and a Gemini-inspired capsule

Deep Space Exploration Vessels (D.S.E.V.)

Build spacecraft inspired by NASA

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Inspired by NASA spacecraft designs including Copernicus, Discovery II, and NAUTILUS-X
  • Includes 2.5m space station parts
  • Fly to the stars with fusion rockets

Heisenberg Airships

Build airships in KSP

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Build airships and flying aircraft carriers
  • Bison gondola system doubles as a large rover
  • Requires Hooligan Labs plugin


A lightweight life support system that won’t brick your game

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Configurable penalty system includes fines, reputation loss, science loss, fainting, and even death
  • Add additional life support resources and events through highly customizable config files
  • Includes pre-built expansion resources like Air, Stress (a habitation mechanic), and Hydrazine.

BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn’t Simple

A part failures mod inspired by Buzz Aldrin’s Race Into Space

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Parts can wear out
  • Launches can fail
  • Event cards generate random events

Kerbal Komets

Add comets into KSP

Releases * Forum Thread

  • Randomly discover named komets
  • Send probes to komets and research them

Wild Blue Suits

Textured suits for KSP


Breaking Ground Mini Mods

  • These mini-mods require the Breaking Ground DLC

Forum Thread

Servo Controller


  • Consolidates servo Part Action Windows into a single manager included with the KAL-1000.
  • Take snapshots of servo states for easy positioning of arms and legs

More Servos


  • Build robot arms inspired by the International Space Station’s Canadarm 2
  • Works best with Servo Controller

S.L.O.T.H. - Sophisticated Lightweight Optimized Transportation Helper


  • Build rovers inspired by NASA’s Tri-ATHLETE rover system
  • Works best with Servo Controller

Support Mods

These mods are bundled with my other mods but are also available separately.

Wild Blue Tools

The cornerstone of my baseline mods


  • Includes Omni storage & converters, Wild Blue Science, Submarine Tech, and more!

Classic Stock Resources

A resource system inspired by resources created for KSP by HarvestR but never included.


Kerbal Actuators

Part modules to make propellers, hover jets, and more